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no console output / netchat-demo

Iniciado por erkka, 18 de Diciembre de 2010, 06:44:17 PM

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Hello again  :)

I'm running windows; installed dev-c++ and crm32pro-package.
I manage to compile and run some of the basic examples,
so this far it is all way much better than with vc++.

But I'm having problems with netchat-demo. Even when I run from the
terminal the ready-made netchat.gnu.exe from the examples, it says nothing.
From the source code I assume that it should print help on console screen,
if  I run it with no command-line parameters.

I tried following:
 netchat2.gnu > test.txt

and it succesfully prints all the help into text.txt - file.

There must be something very basic I'm now missing, and any help is greatly welcomed  :D


EDIT: My brain-fart, maybe... Instead of trying the ready-made .exe, I opened the source with dev-c++,
and checked the project options. It had "type : Win32 GUI" - I changed that to "Win32 console",
recompiled the source, and magically it managed to output text to console screen.  :D

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