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other full games and demos made by game maker (and not only)...

Iniciado por Freank, 01 de Noviembre de 2012, 12:25:48 PM

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Hi! I want to show us my project where you can find other full games and demos made by game maker :)
It is a portal (called FreankExpo ) about indie and casual games borned in the March 2011 where the users can submit their works and release them to the players. There are all genres avaibles (RPGs, action, adventure, ecc...) and a section dedicated on developing games where people can found engines and resources to make one.
For tempting the people there is a classification based on points collected by posting comments, rating games and publishing games. The staff makes periodic contests and tournments for players and developers, to enjoy them and collect more points.

The FreankExpo also launched an YouTube channel ( ) where developers can send videos of their own games and there will published demos videos of popular indies.
There is a Facebook page where there will posted news and the people can easily contact the Staff.
The website is avaible in english, italian, french, german  and, with the help of Soeufans, spanish[/b]  languages.

We're introducing many functions to make the website more powerful and efficient. we're pointing to be the best portal with only free indie and casual games of the world !  ;D
We are different by yoyogames becouse thanks to the help of many volunteers we're growing up and editing the website month by month!


- Easy interface to publish your games in automatic mode and a panel where you can manage your games.
- Point-based-system to get classified and be the top of the list
- To change your game-page at any time (you can enter demo and are going to update the new versions)
- Rankings based on user votes
- Channels youtube, facebook and twitter to increase the visibility of the games
- You can upload the screen of the game directly on the site without size limits
- If you enter more than one game a visitor can quickly switch between them, thanks to the Suggestions
- The presence of a control panel that will show you the download and visits, weekly or total. calculating the decrease or increase.
- The presence of a Graph visible only to those who entered the game in the game-page that shows the number of downloads and visits.
- To know sexy girls
- Immediate assistance by staff for any problem.
- System notifications. if someone comments your game, you will receive a notification. Even if your game is changed or there will be a reply to your comment.
- Affiliations with many relevant sites making.
- You can enter more screens and soundtracks

Join now and share your games !

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