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Hello Again

Iniciado por Mikenoworth, 06 de Abril de 2011, 03:37:35 AM

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 Hows it going? I haven't been on here for awhile.

But I still check in from time to time.

I'm still using CRM32Pro, it really gets the job done when you wanna make an SDL game.

I think I'll change my name on here, if I can. I don't like it anymore. :P

Anyway. Azazel, maybe update website with a "Hey I'm still alive." post :)

I know we all have lives outside our personal projects.

So peace out.


Hi Mike!

yes, Im very busy with "normal day tasks" but still working on improving CRM32Pro on some ways. I will update the web page on the coming weeks with a new version including some fixes, VS2008+ support and new features.

In the meantime, feel free to contact me if you need something.

By the way, did you finish that game ? the tiled one I mean



Hey Azazel, this is Mike again! New name.

Sorry I didn't reply, life got in the way again.. Anyway, that project was lost a long time ago. Sad.

However I have been working on various projects using CRM32Pro.. Maybe something will crop it that shows promise.

Oh and about the forum question to post, this question: "¿Cuántos cerebros tienes? (en número):"
It should have a translation for non-spanish languages shouldn't it?

The forums make it very difficult for english-only people to use, especially without an account (no option to change language except in user profile options..) Might stop some english-only people from joining/posting.. *shrug*


Hi Mike!!

it has been a long time since I didnt know anything about you :), is everything going fine? hope so!

I will like to know in which projects are you working now, Im slowly coming back to programming my ancient RTS but you know... slowly.... xD

About the forum registration for english-speaker people... I will discuss it with the administrators to try to find a solution, in the meantime... the question that popped up to you was: how many brains do you have? (in number), the answer is clearly 1 although some women will think it a bit different ;)

Hope to hear more from you on the coming days,

See you!


Hello again! I'm good! Don't worry.

Hope you get on your game.

I found a bug in the v5.21 console, if you use press any key that is non-character or whitespace, it crashes. :|

lol. Anyway, let me know!


Hi Mike,

I think I fixed that bug some months ago but I was too lazy for uploading the new revision. Today I did it so you can try with the 5.22 which fixes some bugs including the one you discovered.

Let me know if I am wrong...



Sweet! I'll look it over soon! Ty

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