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Stratos: Developer's Meeting Point

Welcome to Stratos!


Point & Click Script Dialogues Writer [English / Spanish] [Remote Freelance]

At Sindria World Games we are looking for a freelance Writer or game designer with experience in narrative adventure or point and click games to help us prototype our next game.

We would like to find someone who brings a different creative point of view to our projects, focusing on aspects such as script, characters, emotional impact of the story, mechanics for emerging narratives, etc.

The ideal candidate is a screenplay writer to create (hilarious and funny) plots, characters and dialogues for our video game.

Minimum requirements

- Strong understanding of game narrative and design.
- Able to share clear understanding of character development.
- Able to problem solve issues that can occur during the various stages of story development
- Familiar with the Hero Journey Structure
- Ability to create hilarious situations and conversations between characters. [IMPORTANT]

Desired requirements

- Experience with already established IP is a plus
- Prior cinematics experience is a plus

If you would like to apply to this freelance remote position, please use the following link:



Work with the narrative team to quickly create dialog, cinematic scripts, and foundational story documents
Help write in-game backstory, world building, general lore, and character breakdowns
Help to maintain narrative foundations established by the narrative team
- Perform editing and tracking of in-game dialog, narrative bibles, and cinematics.
- Work with the design team to craft memorable gameplay-centric story moments.
- Work with various teams to ensure that the game narrative is implemented as intended.
- Assist cinematic and design teams with identifying suitable moments for cutscenes.
- Manage and track narrative documents.
- Help to educate all teams on the game narrative and storytelling practices.


If you would like to apply to this freelance remote position, please use the following link:


Detalles del grupo
Dirección de correo electrónicojobs@sindria.world (please use the link on the job description)
Número de componentes4
Ubicación habitual de sus solicitudes de colaboraciónA distancia
ActividadesVirtual Reality and Video Games
Información acerca del grupoSindria World was founded by a Spanish-Italian combo in the Netherlands in 2017 with the aim of contributing to the gaming world with juicy-sweet games.

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