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Pangea: Beyond Extinction



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3D Animator

Due to the Corona Virus, there were a lot of artists stranded at home, so Joshua Dunlop decided to create a community project to band people together. He created Pangea: Beyond Extinction. Its an MMO game where dinosaurs and humans live side by side in a period similar to the 1800s (Victorian steampunk, Wild West, Feudal Japan, etc). Here is his portfolio, where you can find some artwork for this project: https://www.artstation.com/joshuadunlop

At first, it was simply a community project, a fun side project we could all work on in our downtime, just adding little bits to it as we went along. However, due to the enthusiasm and excitement for the concept, it has now developed into a fully-fledged game company, with a strong team of around 30 people already working on it, along with a community of around 100 on both Discord servers and more numbers growing in social media.

We already got a solid coding team, 3D creature department, rigger, narrative director, and a handful of talented concept artists, along with a number of game developers.

We are in need of an Animator, specially one who can animate quadrupeds. The production is growing fast!

Full transparency though, there is no money involved right now, everyone working on it is doing so for free but we would love you to join us, and get things done for funding at kickstarter.

-Remote work as of now. Good English level needed

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