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Environment Modeler Senior

You are a serial modeler, when you walk in the street you can almost see the mesh on everything you watch at, and you hate when your friends don’t understand you talking about vertices, bevels and sculpt? You’re ready to be a modeler on Tara Duncan! We’re seeking amazing junior and senior character, props and environment modelers to join us. As a modeler, you’ll have to sculpt in the most precise way the validated models under the supervision of the director, always keeping in mind the art direction and technical constraints of the project. You master Maya and Z Brush? You perfectly know the anatomy of vampires, giants, centaurs and dragons? You know every detail of the most known magical weapons and sorcerer props? Castles, crazy spaceships, magic carpets and dark fortresses are your favourite thing? You are as versatile and flexible as a young dragon? You are rigorous, autonomous and have amazing listening skills? Respecting deadlines is a pieces of cake? You feel super proud of the artistic and technical quality of your work? Creativity and fun are your motto? You want to join a friendly and smiley team? You speak French or English but want to improve your Spanish in the heavenly Canary Islands?

Then we want to meet you !!

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