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Herobeat Studios SL



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Barcelona, Barcelona (España)


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Technical Art

Herobeat Studios is looking for a Technical Artist to support the technical aspects of the visual development of Endling. The candidate will develop and implement tools and methodologies to create a workflow that allows to produce optimal results, adapted to both technical and artistic needs.

As a technical artist, we expect you to solve production problems, ensuring that art development is carried out through the use of advanced technical processes and systems.

Previous experience in projects developed with Unreal Engine 4 is a must.

Minimum requirements

-Proven experience as a technical artist.
-Organized and detail oriented.
-Ability to listen, accept critics and use them to improve work.
-Enthusiastic, motivated, team player with a positive attitude.
-Experience working with UE4.
-Knowledge of the production flows of the industry.
-Shipped UE4 games on the PS4, XBOX1 and/or Switch
-Experience in auditing and correcting performance and memory issues
-Experience with rendering and lighting techniques
-Experience authoring and optimizing shaders

Desired requirements

-Knowledge of Git/Sourcetree.
-Knowledge of Asana.


-Promote the development of tools and scripts that improve and optimize processes.
-Work with team to optimize level art, animations, static meshes, skeletal meshes, particles, lighting, and textures on the consoles
-Work with PC team to communicate technical art issues on the consoles
-Run performance and memory tests providing clear and actionable data
-Adjust/Reconfigure game assets to run within spec on consoles
-Fix console-specific bugs in shaders
-Ensure that art assets can be easily integrated into the game without sacrificing artistic vision or overcoming technical limitations.
-Develop a workflow within the game engine.
-Plan, define and address the problems given the technical requirements.
-Review content creation to identify and correct any possible optimization problem.
-Development and implementation of shaders and visual effects.

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