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Skydance Animation Madrid (Ilion Studios)



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Las Rozas, Madrid (España)

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Sets & Props Modeling Supervisor

Responsible for building and executing complex CG models and supervise the work of the modelers. The Modeling Supervisor is also responsible for translating the creative vision of the Director, Production Designer and VFX Supervisor and to ensure the direction is carried out on schedule and within budget.

Minimum requirements

• 8+ years of experience including production experience in feature film animation
• Strong working knowledge of Maya and Zbrush
• Experience building new pipelines.
• Exceptional written and verbal communication skills
• Demonstrate strong leadership skills and experience


• Along with the VFX Supervisor interprets and translates creative direction given by the Director, Production Designer, Art Director
• Manage complexity of the models. Establish and enforce standards for the department so that the models work well for the rest of the pipeline.
• Perform daily one-on-one rounds with Modelers. Troubleshoot creative and technical issues as they arise and determine when models are ready for review.
• Attend other departments’ reviews as needed to address Modeling questions or comments.
• Work with the VFX Supervisor and other departments to communicate Modeling needs and provide for other departments’ needs.
• Bid the schedule with the Production Supervisor.
• Ensure the presentation of models.
• Enforce directory structure, naming conventions and versioning for all models.
• Responsible for multi-picture overview with regard to how 3D Models will be used in the evolving pipeline.
• Proactively maintain a consistent working methodology by actively sharing tips and techniques between shows, partnering with other Supervisors and staying current on other shows’ development and initiative while staying abreast of the various tools.
• Highlight cost implications of requests or changes.
• Keep informed of latest industry standards and tools.

• Work with TDs, R&D, Production Engineering and Production Management to improve and evolve the production pipeline and methodologies.
• Communicate to Production Engineering and TD Supervisor requests for new tools and improvements to existing tools.
• Participate in technology meetings and other meeting as required to help evolve the toolset towards studio objectives.

• Appropriately elevate issues and solutions to Production Management effectively.
• Work closely with the Production Supervisors in the management of the department and to create the schedule and ensure quotas/deadlines are met.
• Work with the Production Supervisor on casting shots/assignments to Modelers.
• Mentor artists to provide guidance, experience and insight. Deliver reviews with Production Supervisor to crew members and be involved in trying to resolve performance related issues.
• Responsible with Production Supervisor for maintaining crew morale.
• Work with management in the casting and staffing of talent on the show.
• Help with recruiting and perform interviews. Ensure that Modeling new hires are provided the necessary training.
• Facilitate meetings with artists to keep the crew informed on show changes and requirements.

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