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3D Animator - Videogames

We’re an indie game development team based in Spain and parts of U.S.

We’re looking for a versatile Mid 3D Animator with the ability to both create fantastic animation and integrate them into a modern game engine, such as Unity. As a 3D Animator, you have a passion for breathing life into characters, showing off their personalities, and making a world that is rich and alive. You’ll help set the foundation for how we deliver on the artistic vision for our world.

You'll be working with a talented and experienced team of programmers, designers, and artists, with a goal to make our game characters come alive.

Instructions on how to apply - IMPORTANT:

*image002.pngApplicants must show a portfolio of animation work.
* Resumes must be in English.
* This position is contract and is based on the length of the project, about 1-2 months.

Minimum requirements


1+ years of games industry experience working as a 3D Animator on video games
Knowledgeable and experienced in using blender 3D tool.
Excellent skills in animating bi-pedals and other organic creatures
Understanding of the technical and creative limitations for game animations
A solid grasp of the principles of body movement, anticipation, overshoot, follow-through, squash and stretch and other facets of both 2D and 3D animation.
Strong communication skills and effective at working in cross discipline teams to achieve a shared mission.
Motivated by creating great games & a passionate gamer on your own time

Desired requirements


Professional experience working in Unity.
Able to integrate animations into a modern game engine.
Experience with related artistic abilities for character development such as modeling, texturing, and rigging.


Expectations & Responsibilities:

Brings a cast of characters and creatures to life while adhering to our animation style
Collaborate with design and art team members
Push the visual bar as high as possible while always putting the end player experience first
Work in a collaborative environment and participate in content creation.


Remote Location- Spain.
Compensation is to be determined, when applying please state your rate.

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