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Barcelona, Barcelona (España)

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Technical Artist

At Piccolo Studio we are hiring wizards to help us build our new IP. We are an idea-first company and Technical Artists are key into making them real, be it through complex shader work, the development of tools or advanced visual tricks.

You’re that kind of person that suddenly needs to recreate the look of a fluid fog system? You love to analyze and replicate how a character leaves a realistic trail in the snow? How to make trees grow in a spectacular way? At Piccolo you’ll spend your time creating magic.

We look for people with that special something and some degree of experience. If you want to move to Barcelona to work at our offices, look no further and send us your portfolio! Exceptional profiles may be eligible for remote work.

Minimum requirements

- Portfolio / samples of your work.
- Strong problem solving skills.
- Advanced shader and programming skills
- Being able to speak to creatives and designers in their own languaje, understand their needs and apply your shader/programming skills to fullfill those needs.
- Have three or more years of industry experience within a recognised game engine (UE4, Unity or in-house solution such as frostbite), preferably Unreal Engine.
- 1+ published titles: Game production can be long and/or complex. However, having at least one published games can show that you are familiar with the full development process and the challenges that are ahead.

Desired requirements

- VFX and strong skills on Cascade / Niagara / Houdini
- English and/or Spanish proficiency


- Work closely with the Game Director, Game Designer and the Art Director to understand the goals of the project.
- Work with the techical director to create a production strategy, and execute.
- Assist all roles in the company in being more productive.
- Identify bottlenecks and too costly processes and optimize them.
- Bend UE4 into the game we want to make, not the opposite.
- Excellent communication, time-management and organizational skills.

Company details
Full company namePiccolo Studio SL
EMail addressjoin@piccolo-studio.com
Number of workers20
LocationBarcelona, Barcelona (España)
ActivitiesDesarrollo de videojuegos
FoundedTuesday, February 8, 2010
About this companyPiccolo Studio is a group of talented people working together since 2016, crafting innovative narrative driven games for PC and consoles.

Our offices at Barcelona currently employ 20 people, blending talented veterans of the industry with young talents.

We released 'Arise: a simple story' for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on December 2019, and are currently working on new projects.
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