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Barcelona, Barcelona (España)


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Game Balancer

As Game Balancer you will be part of a multidisciplinary team that has been working for more than 12 years in the video game industry. The candidate will bring knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to the team to help achieve the objectives of developing our next and ambitious new great project, just like Youtubers Life was.
The work environment is dynamic, agile and young. We are looking for someone passionate about games.

- Work with the design team on the game’s progression systems and in-game economy.
- Define metrics that allow you to measure their impact in the title, and work closely with the development team to see those designs and metrics implemented.
- Once the game is launched, you will analyse the collected data and report which of the performing/under-performing aspects of the game’s economy and work with the team to provide solutions and improvements.

Minimum requirements

- Expert knowledge of spreadsheet tools, e.g Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets etc.
- Strong understanding of gameplay and game design.
- Strong analytical and formal thinking with the ability to break problems down into their key variables and identify relationships between them.
- An interest in psychology, user behaviour and cognitive science.
- Statistics knowledge with the ability to identify the specific weaknesses and strengths in the system’s design.
- Understanding of client/server architecture and data collecting pipeline and mining.
- Good knowledge of the current social simulation market for console/PC.
- Passion for games on all formats: board games, card games, RPGs, tycoon and other genres
- 4 years or 3-4 shipped games of professional experience balancing for PC and console

Desired requirements

- Game analytics knowledge
- Some knowledge of SQL or other database querying language.
- Some exposure to mongoDB - its data structure and tools.
- Specific experience working on tycoon/simulation games.


- Regularly provide user feedback and price point tuning to the development team based on play-testing, both during game development and post-release.
- This is a position requiring a mix of strong economy and marketing knowledge with passion for analytical game design and the free-to-play business model.
- Reviewing/contributing to the meta design aspects of the game and giving feedback and suggestions where appropriate.


- Possibility of teleworking with attendance to the office on specific days.
- Flexible schedule.
- Immediate incorporation.
- Salary is according to experience provided by the candidate.

Company details
Full company nameU-Play Online S.L.
EMail addressjobs@uplayonline.com
Number of workers25
LocationBarcelona, Barcelona (España)
ActivitiesDesarrollo de aplicaciones
Desarrollo de videojuegos
Desarrollo web
FoundedThursday, February 14, 2007
About this companyUplay Online is a consolidated multiplatform game development studio located in Barcelona and more than 10 years in the industry. From the moment of our creation we have never stopped growing. There’s already 25 people in the team and in need of further growth.
We are focused on the PC and console games development, mobile apps and online sports managers. We have also developed for clients like Sony and Samsung in the past.

Among our career we have successful titles such as:
- PC Steam / PS4 / Xbox / Switch: Youtubers Life
- Console: Tadeo Jones / Capture The Flag
- Online: Striker Manager / IBM Manager
- Apps: Youtubers Life / Striker Soccer Saga / Swipe Basketball
Train Crisis / Karmarun / Soccer Runner
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