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Business Analyst

Starloop has the ambition to grow, and in order to achieve that there are a number of challenges. In order to overcome those challenges we need a deeper understanding of the operations through near to real time KPI coming from different areas: technical, human resources, recruiting, business development, etc.

We are looking for a Business Analyst that can provide information to different managers of the company in order to be able to make the best decisions quickly and effectively. This person will have a deep impact in the organization and will be able to see how his/her efforts will affect the performance of the company in the short, mid and long term.

Minimum requirements

Previous experience as a Business Operations Manager or in a similar role
BSc in Engineering or a financial profile with technical skills (BSc in Business Administration)
Good knowledge of operations management
Ability to work independently


Generate KPI for different departments based on different data sources (P&L, CRM, google sheets, and more). This includes:
Business development.
People management.
Generates the input necessary for the administration department from our existing tools in order for them to be able to generate the billing every month effectively.
Update the short term financial forecasts of the company based on different data sources (P&L, CRM, KPI, etc).
Reporting support: support the C level team to generate reports for the company owners and stakeholders.
Identify, map, and analyze the different processes in the company and implement automation wherever that’s possible.
Maximize the efficiency of all procedures across the organization by measuring their impact and success.
Monitor daily operations and understand potential issues when they arise.
Conduct quality assessments over the main critical areas to decide whether to keep, improve, or kill the current processes.
Drive the discovery, analysis, and selection process of new solutions (or tools).
Implement and launch the selected tools while ensuring the right setup and post-launch users training.


We realize that it's our people who have built our reputation and that we will only maintain our leading position in the videogame world by continuing to attract and retain talented and motivated people.

- Full-time position with opportunities for growth within the company
- A good working environment within a group of motivated colleagues
- Professional stability
- Benefits package
- Flexible schedule
- Remote work
- Horizontal and agile organization
- Passion for video games
And many more things that you will discover... join us to find out!

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Company details
Full company nameSTARLOOP SL
EMail addressjobs@starloopstudios.com
Number of workers59
LocationLleida, Lérida (España)
ActivitiesDesarrollo de videojuegos
FoundedFriday, January 27, 2011
About this companyWe are passionate about games at Starloop. Our vision is to create, deliver, and evolve the most emotionally engaging games in the world for our clients. We work on high-quality console, PC, and mobile games.

We realise that it’s our people who have built our reputation and that we will only maintain our leading position in the videogame world by continuing to attract and retain talented and motivated people.
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