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Barcelona, Barcelona (España)

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Full Time


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3D Animator

Herobeat Studios is looking for a 3D Animator to be part of our development team in Barcelona (Spain), working in coordination with the technical team to create animations for the different characters and environments.

Minimum requirements

·Demonstrable experience working in the industry.
·Creativity and attention to detail.
·Excellent communication skills and ability to work in a team.
·Experience in Maya.
·Experience in the creation and implementation of animations for a Video Game.
·Experience in animating humanoids and animals.
·Be able to set up custom/simple rigs and skin them
·Previous experience with Unreal Engine 4.

Desired requirements

·Experience using animation blueprints, sequencer tool and state machines in Unreal Engine 4.


·Create High-quality hand-keyed animations.
·Oversee the implementation of the animations.
·Provide time estimation and distribute the workload accordingly.
·Coordinate with other departments to achieve the desired effect.
·Participate in the creative process of creation for playable characters and enemies.

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