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El Ranchito Imagen Digital



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Madrid, Madrid (España)



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Full Time


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Rotomation Artist

El Ranchito is currently looking for a qualified Rotomation Artist to join us as soon as possible.
A Rotomation Artist is responsible for delivering high quality Live Action Character 3D Rotoscopy and hard surface elements like vehicles, props, etc. They would be working closely alongside Matchmove Artists and Animators, to create animation that matches the movement of the character on a live action plate and needs to be realistic in 3D space.
Type of contract: Employee Contract, 3-6 months. Option to extend for a long-term contract.

Minimum requirements

• 2+ years Rotomation experience
• Must have good understanding of basics of animation
• Proven Matchmove experience in a large feature-film VFX production environment
• Experience with object & body tracking / 3d post convert animation
• Must be proficient in Maya
• Candidates should demonstrate a good eye for detail and precision with strong problem-solving skills
• Strong technical and visual skills
• Good communication and interpersonal skills
• High attention to detail
• Fluent Spanish and English language skills, spoken and in writing
• Eligible to work in Spain


• Animate props and character rigs to match live action plates, through various camera perspectives.
• Work closely with your supervisor to provide realistic true to life animation, focusing on the relevant shot briefed requirements.
• Produce tracked cameras / virtual sets from plate photography when required.
• Do accurate shot breakdowns based on your shot assignment and ensure its being followed upon on a regular basis during show leads review.

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