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Colonia, NRW (Alemania)


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Character Animator

We are looking for a creative person who understands the difference between “Moving bones” and “Breathing life into polygons”, who is also passionate about helping T-posed characters to live their best lives, talk to each other, do silly dances, crack bad jokes and pick their noses.
But we are not talking just about humanoids! The animator we need doesn't shy away from taming creatures, monsters, animals and even make inanimate objects move!
After all, who knows what lies ahead of our development adventures...

Minimum requirements

- A demo reel that demonstrates your knowledge of fundamental animation principles
- Significant contribution as an Animator to at least 2 games or animation projects
- Understanding character development, acting, stylization and exaggeration
- Understanding anatomy and realistic deformation and how to apply that to stylized characters
- Communication skills to work in a team-oriented environment
- Willingness to work along the Art Director and the art department in order to nail the timing of each move
- Willingness to work along the developers in order to integrate those animations in engine

Desired requirements

- Specialization in stylized animation
- Working in Maya
- Experience with Unreal Engine
- Ability to rig and enjoying the technical aspects of creating digital art
- Passion for games and entertainment
- Getting excited when movies have musical numbers


You will be part of the art department, helping us breathe life into the many characters we are designing and modelling for our games. You will make sure that they interact with each other and the environment in a believable way so our players can connect with them.

As a Character Animator, you will be working closely with our art director on defining our characters and their personalities through movement.


- Unlimited work contract
- 30 days of paid vacation per year
- Money and time budget for training and education
- Once a year: One-week game jam during office hours
- We are proud to have a works council already established
- Flexible work hours (parent friendly)
- No crunch
- On-site
- We work in a beautiful, industrial style office with lots of air
- You will get a public transport ticket for the Cologne Area
- We offer a lot of flexibility to work from home on a regular basis
- We do regular paid-for team events
- We have a nice and cozy team breakfast every Monday
- Discounts for gyms and bike sponsorships can be arranged
- Our office manager will help you with the challenges of relocating
- We offer financial help for relocation
- Office dogs! ????

- Remote
- Core hours are around 10am - 4pm CET, but we are flexible on that
- We offer financial help to establish a suitable working space for you at home
- Sponsorships for gym or entertainment subscriptions can be arranged

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