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Rigger Jr

Birdland is an animation studio that produces and distributes kids content for all digital and linear.


Under the guidance of the Rigging Supervisor , the Rigging Artist will set up the articulation and deformation systems of characters, props and vehicles and present the Animators with systems that they can utilize to create animated magic.

Main Responsabilities:

- Create character rigs and props and develop innovative methods to meet project objectives.
- Collaborate with animation to come up with creative solutions to technical and performance related issues.
- Develop and maintain proprietary tools.
- Test rigs to ensure they meet or exceed both technical and performance specifications.

- Identify and provide potential solutions for any problems early in production.
- Complete tasks in an efficient and timely manner.


- 3+ years of rigging experience working in a professional environment.
- Degree and/or diploma in fine art or animation or equivalent work experience.
- Previous experience working as an Animator is highly beneficial for this role.
- Expert in human and animal anatomy/motion including facial expressions and mouthshapes.
- Foundation in traditional art, a good eye for form, weight and movement.
- Strong understanding of animation principles, techniques and styles.
- Working knowledge of animation production pipelines.
- Strong technical and creative problem solving skills and ability to work collaboratively.
- Ability to communicate and/or demonstrate ideas in a concise way.
- Practices active listening and incorporates feedback and direction received from Leads and Supervisors.
- Open to and encourages new initiatives, shares information and techniques with teammembers.
- Able to quickly adapt to changes in production and prioritize tasks.
- Solid work ethic and positive attitude. Works well under pressure. Self­-motivated and proactive.
- Ability to deliver work on time and meet or exceed set performance objectives.

- Good written and spoken English

- Willing to move to Canary Islands


- Maya

- Advanced Skeleton

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