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3D Business School
Academia Animartec S.L.
Academia Red Panda
Academia Skip Intro
Acción Laboral
AIP Barcelona
Anima Audiovisual
ANIMUM Creativity Advanced School
área - Escuela de Diseño y Nuevas Tecnologías
Aula Arcade
Aula Arcade Sevilla
Aula Temática
Barreira Arte y Diseño
Binaris, Escuela Digital Avanzada
BSM de la Universidad Pompeu Fabra
Casa Tomada
CEI: Escuela de Diseño y Marketing
Centro Europeo de Formación para el Empleo
Centro Hispano Colombiano
CEV Escuela Superior de Comunicación, Imagen y Sonido
CICE Escuela Profesional de Nuevas Tecnologías
CIFP César Manrique
Concano Games S.L.
Conecta Empleo
Core Networks, S.L.
Creanavarra Centro Superior de Diseño
CTS - Centre de Formació Creatiu i Tècnic Sabadell
Cuazart Studios S.A.S.
DigiPen Europe-Bilbao
Digital Rebel Art School
EASD Alcoi
Ebla Formación
ECIB Escola de Cinema de Barcelona
Educa Business School
ENTI Sound
Escuela de audiovisuales Metrópolis c.e.
Escuela de Videojuegos
Escuela ESTECH
Escuela Evolis 3D
Escuela IDesigner
Escuela Rendr
Escuela Septima Ars
Escuela Superior de Arte y Tecnología
Escuela Superior de Imagen y Sonido ACEIMAR
ESI Murcia Centro Superior de Diseño
ESNE escuela universitaria de diseño
Estudio Fotográfico Carlos Gutiérrez S.L.
Eulen Flexiplan
Euroinnova Formación
Evad Formacion
Florida Universitaria
Fluxart Studios
Formadores IT
Formatelia Soluciones, S.L.
Frame Games
From The Bench S.L.
Fundación Obicex
FX ANIMATION Barcelona 3D School
Gabhel Studios
Gametopia Learning
GarabaTOON Escuela de Artes Digitales
Highrise S.L.
Idecrea. Centro de Formación
iGlobalDev 3.0 Formación
Ilerna, Centre Integral de Formació Professional
Institut Obert de Catalunya (IOC)
Level Up (Game Dev Academy)
Lightbox Academy
Linea-64 VFX
Madrid On Rails
Magic Fennec
Multimedia La Salle (URL)
Natural Formación
Nectar Estudio S.L.
NOWE Creative Formación y Diseño
Oscillon School
Ovalo Creativos
Paramotion Films
Polygone Studios
QM Formacion
Rainbirth S.L.
Redes Formación y Consultoría
Reforest School
Relief Web And Design
Telefónica ED
Tester School
The Weddell Sea - Mundos Virtuales
Tooning 3D School
UA School
Universidad a Distancia de Madrid
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Universidad de Málaga
Universidad de Oviedo
Universidad Internacional de La Rioja
Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
UPC School
V-ART Escuela Audiovisual
Vanadis Iniciative, S.L.
Virtual Recall Academy

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Universidad a Distancia de Madrid

Center details
LocationLeganés, Madrid (España)
Information about this centerPyxel Arts is dedicated to the design, development, production, marketing and distribution of videogames, as well as research and development (R&D) of new technologies applied to videogames. The company also has the mission of transferring videogames technology to other major industries.

Pyxel Arts Digital Entertainment S.L. is born as a next generation company dedicated to developing video games and new technology, while extending videogames to other areas and industries. For new generation we understand more than mere technological developments leading to the same mechanics as always in a nice canvas.

We are a very young company, where entrepreneurial talent merges with a deep knowledge of the industry. This, coupled with a technical team made up of young talents and professionals with extensive experience, makes Pyxel Arts to hold on a pillar from which to start building a great company.

For us, the human factor is essential, and therefore, each member of the team can contribute in their own way to be part of a dynamic company in constant evolution.

For other companies, the player is a just client. For Pyxel Arts they are our supporters. In our social network, the users are not limited to judge: they participate actively in the daily life of the company, we want to know what they expect from our games and how can we give them what they need. We really listen to our community because they are the heart of Pyxel Arts.

We are not satisfied just making games. We believe it is necessary to take a step forward for our industry in order to grow and evolve, and that is the reason why we are working on what we call our line of R & D, specifically aimed at videogames, which aims to break down barriers in the virtual world looking for new ways to reach the players.

For all this, is why we believe that our motto, "The New Age of Videogames", is already a reality, and with our fans, the enthusiasm of our team and the support of our partners, we hope to bring you very soon a new reality of electronic entertainment.

Máster Online en Desarrollo y Producción de Videojuegos

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