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Eduardo Chávez "Amunaptra"

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PerfilHi ! I'm a Maya Professiona lwhit over 8 years of experience in games, making assets a primarily Characters, Rigging, animation and more.
At this time I'm an Autodesk Maya Certified Instructor, a ZBrush digital sculpter, and Sound designer
ExperienciaEduardo Chávez
Senior Character Artist, Rigger, Animator TD Free Lance
1. Cubicomp
2. , Free Lance

1. - Animagic
2. , Gameloft Argentina
3. , Academia Crossmedia sede Lima

1. Image & Sound designer en Universidad de Buenos Aires / UBA

I'm super dedicated to my work in 3D area whit Maya, and never ending of learn more about that, also I interest in interact whit other Maya Profesionals for expands my skills, and in some cases I teach to others in all aspects of my software of choice (Maya)
At this time I have students in Argentina, Pakistan, & bollywood, thats a great part, I can't believe, It's amazing
Autodesk Maya Certified Instructor & Mudbox trainer
marzo de 2012 — Presente (11 meses) Lima y alrededores,
I'm Certified Instructor in Maya 2013 and Mudbox 2013 trainer rigth now

Senior Character Designer, Rigger, Animator TD Free Lance
Free Lance
enero de 2010 — Presente (3 años 1 mes) Anywhere
In this work I develop Characters in Maya , sculpt in ZBrush or Mudbox, make advanced Rigs and make Mel script for this function or I made some animation and rig tools !

Autodesk Maya Certificated Instructor & digital sculpter Artist
enero de 2012 — julio de 2012 (7 meses)
In this I was Maya Instructor for all areas of Maya for free students, also I teach Post production whit Adobe After effects, Premiere Pro, Vegas, also Audio production & post production whit Pro Tools, Nuendo or Cubase,... and others, it was a nice place to work

3D Developer of contents in Maya
Gameloft Argentina
marzo de 2011 — noviembre de 2011 (9 meses) Buenos Aires Argentina
I make here digital contents for the gaming until the company change to a more programming type functions, years ago
Instructor de Autodesk Maya
Academia Crossmedia sede Lima
abril de 2009 — abril de 2011 (2 años 1 mes) San Isidro Lima Perú
I was the Maya Instructor in this certified course for over nine months when finished this training.
Make me a lot of satisfaction and new friends !

ZBrush & Autodesk Maya Instructor
Escuela de Arte Corriente Alterna
diciembre de 2009 — marzo de 2010 (4 meses) Miraflores Lima Perú
Wow ! This was a dream come true, in this, I teach in new technologies to Fine Artist, such as Zbrush 3.1 at that time and Maya 2009.
The better was, the great artistic ambient.
Art for everywhere ! I learn many things of fine art !
That's great !

3D Modeler Digital sculpter & Rigger
City Interactive
Empresa pública; De 51 a 200 empleados; CIA; Sector de Videojuegos
febrero de 2006 — noviembre de 2008 (2 años 10 meses)
I working make characters and props in hi detail poly count for extract the Normal map for bake to the low poly modeling, and this sending to a game engine, of the Company.

Sound Engineering Instructor
Instituto Superior Orson Welles
enero de 2000 — enero de 2004 (4 años 1 mes) Lima Perú
Well, originaly I'm a Sound Engineer who study in Argentina many many years ago, In this institute I teach many courses such as Post production, Production, transducers, recording techniques, Midi systems etc...for advanced students
I left this work after died his founder, because the philosophy of work changed with the new directors !
it was not the same !

Sound Engineer Instructor
febrero de 1994 — 2004 (10 años) San borja Lima
I, here capacitated professionals through television and sound studios in my country in various workshops for the last ten years in Professional Audio
I have fond memories of this work and became well known for it

Audio Post Instructor

Oscar Diaz Bravo
febrero de 2001 — diciembre de 2003 (2 años 11 meses) Jesus Maria Lima
This was one of the institutions to which I have great affection, as an institution with a great respect for the professionals working there.
Its director, Mr Fernando Cálceron Quino had clear goals and present a superior alternative Institute with an emphasis on reliability and truth in its educational offerings.
Unfortunately, he fell ill and was unable to continue the institution began to decline, but I will keep a great memory of him and his wife, and I must say they were good staff both professionally and in the human!
To me he was a great example of how you have to be a professional!
Thanks Mr, Fernando Calderon Quino, thanks indeed!

Músical Program Director America TV
America Televisión
enero de 1998 — 2000 (2 años) Lima
Ok, I got caught, I oddly enough I started this as a musician and composer of jingles.
Work on this channel making tracks for synchronization with the live actors!
I started very young in this music, most of my life.
But one thing leads to another and finally I'm doing 3D with Maya, that's funny, but I have not forgotten about all this, now I'm used to what I do now, thank god!
Audio Instructor
Jhon Logie Baird
abril de 1994 — diciembre de 1995 (1 año 9 meses) Miraflores
Well, here I taught editing radio programs for students of communications career
It was fun!

Universidad de Buenos Aires / UBA
Image & Sound designer

Escuela de Aviación Civil del Perú / EDACI

Colegio San Luis Maristas

IST Metropolitano
Electrónico en sistemas de Audio

Eduardo Chávez Arias móvil 992054784 email eduart3d@yahoo.es
ConocimientosSound designer
Maya Certified Instructor
EstudiosPlease see it in my profile over Linkedin write Eduardo Chávez 3D in a browser
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