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Miquel Brunet "miquelbrunet"

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Página webOna Edicions Musicals
PerfilCompositor, pianista i productor.
ExperienciaPianist, composer and audiovisual producer.
He studied piano, solfeggio, harmony and choral music at the Music Conservatory of the Balearic Islands. Piano and harmony with Miquel Segura. Modern harmony and arrangements with Victor Capblanquet. Composition in Paris with Narcís Bonet. A composition course with Cristobal Halffter, Tomás Marco and José María Sánchez Verdú. A composition course in audiovisual media with Eduardo Armenteros. Seminar on Innovation in Digital Art and Culture at the Open University of Catalonia. 4 years (1978-1981) of music pedagogy and choral music organized by the Professorship of Music at the University School for Primary School Teachers (Department of Pedagogy, Faculty of Philosophy and Arts (UIB). Attendee at the 2nd international congress of music in Catalunya. Humanities Studies at the Open University of Catalonia.
For over 20 years he has devoted his time to musical production, both in the artistic dimension and also in the technical dimension of sound and musical recording, managing his audiovisual production and editing companies: Ona Edicions Musicals and Ona Digital, a company that has published close to 300 references in different mediums: vinyl, cassette, CD and DVD.
He has collaborated as a musician and arranger for thirty years with Els Valldemossa and with a large number of artists in the musical panorama of the països catalans (Catalan countries, where the Catalan language is spoken): Isabel Soriano, Coral UIB, Tomeu Estaràs & Genia Tobin, Cap pela, Cucorba, Balearic Symphony Orchestra, Corals de Joventuts Musicals, Cors de la Fundació Teatre Principal, Isidor Marí, Aires Formenterencs, Entreveus, Al Mayurqa, Herbes Dolces, Mallorca School of Music and Dance, Joan Bibiloni, Toni Morlà, Craig Walters, Tim Tobin, Mel Williams, etc.
He has carried out composition commissions both for the world of theatre and cinema-documentaries (Nosaltres els Vençuts [We the Vanquished], Passió d’Emili Darder [Passion of Emili Darder], Amor de Pàtria-Costa i Llobera, [Love of the Fatherland-Costa and Llobera]) and has imparted conferences and educational concerts on electronic music and audiovisual media. Interested in technology and multidisciplinary arts, together with Mercè Pons he created the show Chromatic Connections, which they travelled to Madrid, London and Berlin with in 2010.
He combines his task of musical interpretation and composition with the cinematographic direction and production of documentaries such as “Passat i present de la xeremia a Mallorca” (Past and Present of the Xeremia in Mallorca), “Narcís Bonet (La transmissió de Nadia Boulanger)” (Narcís Bonet (the Transmission of Nadia Boulanger), “Un passeig musical per Mallorca” (a Musical Stroll around Mallorca), “Orquestrina d’Algaida. XXV anys” (Orquestrina d’Algaida. 25 years), “Nou Romancer en directe al Teatre Principal” (Nou Romancer live at the Teatre Principal), “Cucorba 30”, “Al Mayurqa: Tradició i compromís” (Al Mayurqa: Tradition and Commitment), to name but a few.
He was awarded the Miquel dels Sants Oliver prize of the Premis 31 de desembre for the Cantata Rua Fosca (Dark Street), together with Jaume Santandreu, Premi Populars 2008 and Premi Arts 2005 (in Ona Digital), as well as different recognitions by the Town Council of Valldemossa.
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