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CRM32Pro CTile

Iniciado por Blackuknown, 18 de Abril de 2008, 02:10:41 PM

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Hi there,

I hope its okey to post in english here, because i dont know any spanish. Right now i am trying to make an rpg with CRM32Pro. What i find missing is an example making use of CTile. I have no idea how to make use of a tileset from a DPF and how to create a map out of it, the way it was intended by the developers.

So i was wondering if anyone had a sample for me using CTile and perhaps making a tilemap?

Btw i have seen the other sample, but i can't read the explanation because its spanish. Sadly bablefish messes it up alot and i can't really translate it to readable english.

King regards,



Hi Blackuknown,

this time, I have arrived later so I see you have used the scrollengine to create your map.

Well, about an example of tiles... it´s something I have to add to the docs but, for the time being,  I dont have spare time, let see in a close future...

Any other problem you have, please, use this forum(in english is OK).
See you!

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