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with MS VC++ 2010 Express

Iniciado por erkka, 18 de Diciembre de 2010, 04:47:41 PM

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Hello there,

I'm an old fart looking for easy-go C++ IDE for simple game-programming.
CRM32Pro was the library I chose, as it seems to best suit my needs.

Then I installed Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express -edition, as it was easy to obtain.

Unfortunately I'm having hard times to succesfully compile and run CRM32Pro examples.
After several trials and errors I managed to get the GUI-example to compile and link with no errors.
But when I run it, it opens a blank window and complains about access violation.


I tried both BasicCode and NetChat -examples. I succesfully compiled them in debug and release -modes.
But when I run it, with or without debugger it crashes in the very beginning, complaining

 Unhandled exception at 0x004016b8 in crmtest5.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x0802f9d0.

I closed VC++ and ran the exe from command line prompt - same result.
I currently have no antivirus installed - just windows firewall. (I remember that there was an issue with Comodo, as it didn't like
Lazarus debugger. So comodo had to go.)

I googled for quite a while, and tried altering many of the project options in VC++, always the same result.
So, please, anyone - are you succesfully using crm32pro with visual studio 2010 express edition ?



Anyone out there willing to help me out?

Also, nothing forces me to use M$-products, so if there is a smoother alternative around, please do recommend.



There is not much IDEs available to choose directly related with game programming. You'll probably end using a generic programming IDE and a library, like CRM32Pro.

If you want a specific game programing IDE, you should take UDK or Unity. But if you want to stick with this library, TheAzazel will probably help you when he has time.

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I like coding, but I don't like spending hours of effort trying to install & configure things.

Therefore I don't feel like downloading and testing different sets of libraries, as I believe that CRM32Pro suits my needs. So, if TheAzazel has time to help beginners, it would be great.

My idea with IDE was that I use Delphi-like free-pascal Lazarus for developing small office solutions for myself and for my friend's company. I like it very much, and I was wondering if I should use it for making games as well. But, for several reasons I decided to try with C++ and CRM32Pro.

BloodShed dev c++ seems to work nice with CRM32Pro. The only thing which casts some shadows on it, is that dev c++ has been last updated in 2005, so the project doesn't seem to be very active anymore.

EDIT: just to be sure, I tested SDL version 1.2.14 with VC++ 2010, and managed to draw some pixels on the screen with it. So, the basic functionality is there. I just don't get everything right with VC++ 2010 and CRM32Pro - if we get this solved, I'd like to write some kind of step-by-step description of how to configure it, as I believe that there might be someone else out there wondering the same thing.

EDIT2: Meanwhile I started antoher simple project vithout any SDL or CRM32Pro. It was just a windows console application. At some point I altered some of the project options - and ended up in very same kind of problems as what I earlier reported about CRM32Pro. In the end it was so mixed up, that it crashed on "cin >> k" - and I never got it right again! Oh my. So, I loaded the same sources with Dev c++, succesfully debugged and fixed the actual errors in my source. Then I tried it again with Visual C++, in vain. No matter how much I tried to get the project options right, nothing worked out. So, with project wizard I started a new windows console application, made some small correction in the options, copypasted my source code, and then it was finally working... The only reason why I'm posting this here is to say that I believe there is nothing wrong with CRM32Pro itself. There just is something very tricky with Visual C++ 2010 options. So, please, anyone - have you got CRM32Pro working with Visual C++ 2010? If so, just say "yes" - if I knew that it was possible, it would give me some motivation to try.


Hi erkka,

I have been a bit "off" from game programming world from a couple of months (since october 2010) so sorry for the delay answering you.
Well, the Netchat demo you are trying to compile is probably quite old and created by another person of this forum which I dont know if he is still around here or not. When I said old, I mean it was created for an old CRM32Pro version and probably will not compile on the v5 without changes.
These changes will be easy to implement as the history.txt that comes with CRM32Pro specifies all the changes on the library so you wont have much problems trying to adapt netchat to the newer v5.0.

On the other hand, the problems you are having with VS 2010 are completely normal, let me explain a bit: since VS 2008, Microsoft heavily changed the VC++ compiler adapting it to .Net and more things. The collateral effects were that standard/plain C++ code required some tuning to compile on the new version. I had been working on another re-spin of CRM32Pro: v5.10 but it is not finished yet, however, it includes all the "fine tuning" to compile flawless on VS 2008, 2010 and newer versions. This version is not still ready for web deployment but if you send me your email, I will send you the development CRM32Pro v5.10 version in order to allow you to test if all your problems disappear.

Speaking about DevC++.. although probably the GUI is not updated anymore, it does not matter because it uses the GNU GCC v3.x.x and v4.x and the IDE was quite functional. My personal recommendation is to use the IDE/Compiler where you feel better using it and DevC or VS are very nice ones, personally I use VS 2008 but sometimes also use DevC.

Hope I had clarify a bit all your doubts and waiting for your email address, you will be one of the first to test the new library version.



and thank you very much for your kind reply.
I tried to send you a personal message, but in case it didn't get through:

my e-mail is erkka (dot) lehmus (at) iki (dot) fi

And from my side: no rush, no panic, no hurry. I like projects with easy-going attitude. After all, programming is just a hobby
for us, and it should be fun and something to be done when one feels like it.

Personally, I'm happy with dev c++, but as I believe there might be others out there, whom would like to use crm32pro
with visual c++ 2010, I'd be glad to help with testing.


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